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Dellew's staff is experienced in loading, off-loading, segregation, palletizing and management of warehouse and storage operations.  Our skilled personnel have years of experience in the shipment articles and materials to ensure your shipments are properly documented and reach their proper destinations.

The Dellew team has rendered customer service to over 600 soldiers weekly including: ordering, receipt, issuance, inventorying, repair, returns maintenance and accountability of field equipment, combat gear and clothing items. 


Dellew Staff has provided weapons simulation support for marksmanship training (range simulation) and collective training (situational trainings).  Responsible for deploying personal property of military personnel to various locations throughout the world averaging 3,300 shipments per month.  Likewise, accountable for a $2.5 million inventory of troop subsistence materials per year from requisitions, receipt inspection, storage, inventory, issuance, disposal, shipment and rotation. 

We devote ourselves to prominent issues and technology trends relevant to the needs of both government and private industries.

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